Autoresponder ShortCodes List

[[buyer-name]] The buyer's full name John Mays
[[product-name]] The name of the item that the customer bought -Box 360 Slim
[[order-id]] The Customer order ID 203-3698521-1254789
[[asin]] The Amazon ASIN for the product 000123456
[[quantity]] The quantity ordered  2
[[price-item]] The Price of the item $9.99
[[price-shipping]] The amount paid for shipping  $1.99
[[ship-address1]] Address Line 1 10 DEER TRCE
[[ship-address2]] Address Line 2 Apt #4A
[[ship-city]] Shipping City GINEVILLE
[[ship-state]] Shipping State LA
[[ship-zip]] Postal Code Code 1360-5926
[[ship-country]] Shipping Country US
[[carrier]] **The delivery carrier UPS
[[tracking-number]] **Carrier Tracking Number Z602E9R0337811618
[[estimated-arrival]] **Estimated Arrival Date (From Amazon's data - ONLY AVAILABLE FOR FBA Orders) 2015-12-30
[[feedback-link:Feedback Link]] Link for the customer to leave seller feedback
[[contact-link:Contact link]] Link for the customer to contact you through Amazon
[[order-link:Order Link]] A link to for the customer to view the order in their Amazon account
[[product-review-link:Proruct Review Link]] Link to a page where the customer can leave a product review for the item they purchased

For the link variables, you can specify the link text by appending a colon and the link text that you'd like. For example,

[[order-link:View Order on]]

Will be rendered as:View Order on


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