How do I setup followup emails?

  1. .first go to Create A New AutoResponder page by clicking on New autoresponder from the second menu.
  2. fill the details tab with Message Name , Message Subject , Status
    • Message Name :a name can be used by you to categorize your created autoresponders.
    • Message Subject : the subject that the Customer will receive and it accept shortcodes too such as [[PRODUCT-NAME]],[[ASIN]]...[[ORDERID]]
    • Status : inActive , Active , Test Mode
      • inActive the autoresponder is created but no message will be sent .
      • Active all Message related to this Autoresponder will reach the Customer inbox.
      • Test Mode All message related to this Autoresponder will goes to your inbox instead of the customer inbox.
  3. click on the content tab and fill the Message content, you can add easily shortcodes from the top left button "ShortCodes".
  4. click on the When tab and select when you want to scheduel that message
    • "When would you like this message to be sent to the buyer?" : after how many days you want to send the message.
    • After the order has been" confirmed , Shipped or Delivered.
    • "Include orders in the past" means orders from X day from the autoresponder creation date you want to include.
      • ex : if you selected 5 days and the autoresponder creation date is 20th jan 2016 means all orders submited from 15th jan 2016 will be included
  5. click on filters tab,
    • "ASIN is" means the message will be sent for only orders that has the ASIN mentioned.
      • you can add more ASINs by clicking on "Add another ASIN" right bellow the ASIN field.
    • "Fulfillment Channel" the message will be sent only for orders related to the selected channel.
    • Shipping Country IS" the message will be sent only for countries selected
    • "Shipping Country IS NOT" the message will not be sent to the countries selected
  6. click on Attachment tab
    • by clicking on "choose file" control pick a file from your computer and wait for it to be uploaded .

      • make sure that the file extension is .txt, .pdf, .doc, .docx, .jpg, .gif, .tiff, .bmp or .png.
      • also make sure that the file is less than 8MB
  7. after you walked through all these steps click on "Send Test" to check if the content was exactly generated and the shortcodes are well formated.
    • note that when you clicked on send test the message will be sent based on a random order, so don't panic if you received random IDs,Product Name ... it will work well with your orders data.


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